Far too often a person will purchase a new computer without first getting an evaluation of why their computer is malfunctioning. Quite often the problem is within the software, not the computer hardware. Software issues can typically be resolved for between $65 to $160. Occasionally, the maximum labor charge of $195 is needed to perform a backup of your valued data, then a clean reinstall of the Windows software, and restore of your data.

However, there are times when a new computer purchase just makes sense. If your current computer is over 5 years old and is running Windows 7, you are wise to purchase a new system which has been designed specifically for Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 is here to stay. Windows 7 is slated to be abanded by end of 2018. Windows 8 is expected to be abandoned by end of 2019.

In summary, if your unit is less than 5 years old, but is experiencing technical difficulty, it is best to have CPU Onsite perform a diagnostic service to determine if the issues can be resolved for less than the cost of a new computer. Call 209-296-0660 to schedule an appointment. Drop-ins also welcome.

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