Most importantly, if you want to know the best brands to buy, don’t ask a sales person. Ask a computer repair company such as CPU Onsite. Our 20+ years of repairing computers have enabled us to determine which brands are most durable and easy to replace parts if ever needed.

Our top recommended brands for both laptop and desktop units are Dell, Lenovo, and  ASUS. You are wise to spend at least $350 on any unit, as units below this price range are likely to last you less than 3 years. A decent desktop (tower) computer should be in the price range of $450 to $750. A decent laptop should be between $350 to $550.

The second most important factor, besides brand, is the internal components. Our recommendations are:

CPU Chip – Intel I5 or Intel I7
RAM – 8 GB minimum, recommend 12 GB to 16 GB
Hard Drive – 1 to 2 TB 7200 RMP SATA III Hard drive.  Optional SSD (solid state drive) is considerably smaller and is still prone to damage even though it has no moving parts. It is also typically more expensive. If you purchase a unit with only a 250 GB Solid State Hard Drive, you will likely need to also purchase an external hard drive to store pictures and music.

You can always call us at 209-296-0660 to discuss your next purchase. We are happy to offer advise.

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