CPU On-Site provides you with a choice.

You can request our complete computer hardware and software services at your home/business site, or bring your computer to our convenient repair shop located in Pine Grove. Prices are highly competitive and fair. Turn-around time is typically 2 to 3 days. Same-Day Service and Rush Services are available*. 

Combined, our staff has 45+ years experience in diagnostics, repair and tech support.

We believe in continued education and actively submerse ourselves in the forever changing world of technology.


Our Senior Technician possesses superior diagnostic skills to ensure the job is done right – the first time. He will be candid and honest with you regarding whether you should repair the computer or opt to purchase a new system, regardless of where you choose to shop.

Repair labor varies depending upon task to be performed and the location (our shop or your home/business). Please refer to our Pricing page for details.


• Telephone Tech Support

FREE support is available for issues that can be resolved in under 5 minutes. More in-depth support is available by appointment – $15 per 15 minutes or portion thereof.

• In-shop Support

Dedicated tech support between you and our senior technician is available by appointment – $65 per hour, one-hour minimum.

• Remote Assistance

By appointment – Our senior technician can solve most computer software configuration issues via remote access with a one-time use password you provide for this purpose only. You can watch everything the technician does from your home or office – $1 per minute – minimum $15 fee.

• Maintenance Agreement

Fees and services vary depending upon your needs. Please contact our office for a free quote.

Virus / Malware / Spyware Infection - Removal and Protection Services

Viruses and spyware infections are the number one cause of data loss. Let CPU Onsite be your solution to this daily menace. We offer complete infection removal services, plus security protection software tools to assist you at no additional charge! Don’t fall for the scam artist! Call CPU for honest information about your vulnerability and protection options. 

Data Backup Solutions

Our technician will personally meet with you to also discuss your data backup needs and recommend the right solution just for you. He will then gladly configure your data backup solution and instruct you on it’s continued use.

Performance Upgrades

System running too slow? Not enough hard drive storage space? Considering a new computer?

Often times, all you need is an upgrade. So, how do you know when it is time to upgrade or buy new?

Performance upgrades are not recommended for computers running Windows XP. Microsoft no longer supports this software. You are advised to replace the computer.

If your Windows Operating Software version is Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 AND the computer has less than 4 GB of RAM and/or a hard drive that is less than 500 MB, you are encouraged to acquire hardware updates to the RAM and Hard Drive prior to upgrading to Windows 10.

• RAM UPGRADE: This is the least expensive option to improve overall computer performance on ANY computer. RAM upgrades typically cost between $35 to $55 and we will install it for FREE.

• HARD DRIVE UPGRADE: For many computer users, a 500 GB hard drive is sufficient. But if you like to store large amounts of photos, music, videos and data for immediate access you definitely need a larger hard drive. Hard drive prices range from $75 to $110 for a 1TB drive – double the storage for a very reasonable cost. Labor to install and “drive copy” your information to the new drive is $65.

Home and Office Networking

Having problems connecting the Laptop to your WIFI Router?

Not sure why you can’t get online?

Does your WIFI signal keep dropping the connection?

Do you wish to setup parental controls?

Our skilled technician will come to your home to resolve all your networking concerns.

Professional Data Recovery

The best advice when you suspect an imminent failure of your hard drive is to turn off the computer and let a computer professional perform the data backup. You may literally have one or two more boots before the entire hard drive crashes. Visit our Data Recovery page for more information.

Our technician will also personally meet with you to discuss your data backup needs and recommend the right solution just for you. He will then gladly configure your data backup solution and instruct you on it’s continued use.

CPU Onsite Computer Services