Posted On June 28, 2017 By Brendan Griffin In Internet Security Awareness, Malware Analysis, Ransomware

The ransomware dubbed “Peyta”, a spin-off of WannaCry malware that plagues many European countries only one month ago, has sparked a global crisis yesterday encrypting hard drives and modifying the master boot record to not only lock users out of their files, but their machine more generally. Victims were then compelled to interact with this “stub” application to find instructions for paying the Bitcoin ransom, obtaining their decryption key, and inputting it to initiate the decryption process.

So far 65 countries have been effected, primarily in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but also inflicted harm to significant numbers of victims in Western Europe and North America, including the United States.

WannaCry started a new era of ransomware variants weaponized with a  mechanism for lateral movement. Petya authors went one step further by adding the WMI interface vector and we expect to see more variants in the coming months. This attack shows the importance of a multilayered security approach, and it highlights the gap that exists in applying security patches and securing internal systems (via network segmentation).

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