Q?Microsoft uses the FORCE to upgrade to Windows 10!

Microsoft Forces Windows 10 Upgrade!

This link will shed some much needed light on Microsoft’s latest ploy to upgrade us all to Windows10. This article was written in February 2016. This week we saw it’s predictions come true. Multiple Microsoft customers are experiencing automatic upgrades to Windows 10 without their permission. Important reading!

At CPU Computers, we are prepared. Are you?

Q?My system automatically upgraded to Windows 10. Can I go back to my prior system

It is possible sometimes to revert back to the prior operating system. But ONLY if the upgrade was successful to begin with. A failed, corrupted upgrade will not revert back correctly.

Our professional staff can often achieve success at the reversion, but there are some facts you should be aware of:

  1. The more you try to fix a failed install, the less likely we will be able to revert the software.
  2. You may loose some important data during the process, especially if your computer was experiencing issues prior to the upgrade.
  3. Your best bet is to shut it down correctly and call our office for an appointment.
Q?How do I stop a Windows10 upgrade?

There are ways to delete the “pre-install” file which automatically upgrades your computer without your permission. However, it is unwise for us to publish these steps in this forum. Unless you are a skilled computer user, the steps could be misinterpreted and lead to further problems.

If the upgrade has already begun the one-hour count down, and you are not ready to upgrade, or don’t desire to upgrade at all, you can postpone the installation by clicking on the “postpone the upgrade” button on the countdown screen. The maximum time you can postpone is 8 hours. This is the time to call our office and arrange for an immediate appointment to enable our staff to permanently cancel the automatic upgrade to Windows 10.

Note: If you simply click the red X to close the window, or simply turn off the computer, the upgrade will still install. It must be formally cancelled properly in the Windows Operation System to stop the upgrade.

Q?Do I want Windows 10?

Windows 10 does have many outstanding features, and has been declared by Microsoft to be the absolute last Operating System they will design. They will continue to upgrade Windows 10 every year automatically for everyone.

But before you upgrade, be sure your system is prepared properly. It should be virus free, spyware and malware infection free, with no current software issues. If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 in hopes of solving computer woes, think again. You must have a healthy Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 PRIOR to upgrading to Window 10.

CPU  offers a full service Windows 10 upgrade to ensure a success without data loss. Call for a quote – 209-296-0660

Q?Why did Windows 10 Force an Upgrade on me?

Microsoft is working diligently to deliver Windows 10 to all the customers who opted for the  “Windows 10 Download Pre-Release” prior to the official launch in July, 2015. If you download the “Pre-release” and never approved Microsoft’s attempts to complete the install, Microsoft may automatically launch the installation. The final day to get the free Windows 10 Upgrade is July 29, 2016. As of this week, many of our customers have called stating that Windows 10 just simply installed, without their permission. The “forced upgrade” is occurring to enable Microsoft’s servers to upgrade as many as customers as possible prior to the last minute rush in July when possibly millions of customers world wide attempt to get the free upgrade before the deadline.


Q?How will I know when it is time to buy a new computer?

If your computer is running unusually slow and you suspect it is just too old and run down, you MAY be right, OR – you may just need a software tuneup. We offer a $30 diagnostic service to determine the true cause of your computer woes. If we feel that the system is far past it’s life span, we will give you an honest recommendation to replace the system and recommend a transfer of your valuable pictures, music, emails and data to the new computer.

Our recommendations will consider the age of the computer, the operating software, and whether it is financially advisable to put money into the repair. We will be forthright and honest with our advice to you.

If we do recommend a repair to your system, the diagnostic fee will be applied to your repair bill – no money wasted.

Q?How long has CPU been in business?

CPU Onsite began in 1997 in Plymouth, CA as Computer Products Unlimited offering a wide variety of computer products and computer repair services. In 2000, our family and business relocated to Pine Grove. The name was updated to reflect our new mission – top quality on-site computer repair services.

Kevin has over 17 year experience and is a graduate of Business Technology Training Institute at the top of his class. His background includes:
• Computer system building
• Computer diagnostics and repair
• Software diagnostics and repair
• Virus/Spyware removal
• Small business networking

Tori has over 30 years experience in the computer industry. Her background includes:
• Software programming
• Computer system building
• Computer diagnostics and repair
• Virus/Spyware removal
• Software instruction
• Graphic design
• Web design
• SEO Marketing

Q?What is the typical turn-around time for repairs?

Turn-around time varies depending upon the service to be performed, but most services are completed with 1-3 days.

Most repair parts can be ordered and received at our shop within 1 day. If repair parts need to be ordered from the original equipment manufacturer, an additional 1-2 days may be needed for shipping of your proprietary part.

Appointments can be scheduled for on-site repair to be performed at your home or office.

Q?How will I know when my computer is ready for pick-up?

You will receive a phone call from our courteous staff within minutes of completion of your service order. So be sure to provide us with a number where you can be reached during the day. It is our goal to return your system to you as fast as humanly possible, while still insuring a thorough servicing.

Q?Does CPU guarantee their work?

YES! All parts and labor carry a guarantee.

Parts: All parts are guaranteed to be free from manufacture defect and to be of current technology. We do not stock parts on our shelves. This is intentional to assure you that all parts installed are ordered specifically for your computer. Today’s parts for today’s needs!
• New computers build by us – One year parts and labor – any part found to be defective will be replaced with a brand new part.
• Individual part replacement to a system built by another company – Parts manufacturer’s warranty will apply. We will handle the return of the defective part to the manufacturer and install the replacement part for you as soon as it arrives.

All labor has a 10 day warranty and is guaranteed to be have been performed correctly and to the customer’s satisfaction, or we will service it again for FREE within the 10 days.

Q?Can you recover my lost pictures?

Several situations can result in lost pictures: virus infections, hard drive failure, and accidental deletion. We can confidently state that in most situations we are able to recover precious pictures, music and data files using our tools-of-the-trade. However, NO company can guarantee that your lost pictures can be recovered. To ensure you never loose your pictures, be sure to back them up to an external source such as CD, DVD, external hard drive, memory key, or cloud storage.

Q?Can you remove a virus, or should I just buy a new computer?

We can always remove a virus, repair a Windows OS or backup your information and reinstall the software to make the computer like new. NO problem. The computer hardware is not damaged by a virus or spyware infection. There is no need to replace the computer (hardware). After all, the software on a new computer can become infected also. The best advise is to have the virus removed by our trained professional technician.

Q?How can I protect myself from virus and spyware infections?

The most basic approach is to install professional and reliable security software, and be sure to update it regularly and perform monthly scans with the software on the entire hard drive. But honestly, our business assists over a thousand customers each year from Amador County that routinely do this basic step, and still get infected. So what is the solution?

Knowledge is power! Learning what to avoid on the web is your best protection in today’s hacker world. Even the most robust protection software cannot stop certain types of infections if you are unknowingly putting yourself in harms way. Your best defense is to attend our frequent training seminars on this subject and learn how to detect a risky site or link BEFORE you click on it. Our seminars are in-depth and offer solutions that will greatly reduce your risk of infections.